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The information provided by the AC-U-KWIK® Flight Tracker program is released by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) only to those organizations that have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and can show specific aviation-related need.  Penton (parent company of AC-U-KWIK) and GCR & Associates, Inc. have signed the MOA.
NOTICE: You will be contacted by an AC-U-KWIK® representative regarding your method of payment for orders placed through this web site.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES - Prices subject to change without notice.
Service Annual Airport
Flight Tracker Airport Edition (unlimited number of airports) $1,049.00     $200.00
Flight Tracker Airport Edition (single airport) $439.00   $50.00
Flight Tracker Aircraft Edition $329.00     $50.00
Both Editions (unlimited Airport Edition & Aircraft Edition) $1,268.00     $250.00
Both Editions (Aircraft Edition & single Airport Edition) $658.00   $100.00
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